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Solar Electric Fencing

  • Modern day alternative to conventional methods of Fencing
  • Protect crops and Property from animals and Intruders
Basic Working Principle
  • Safe Electric Shock
  • Detect fault on the fence- Shortening or Cutting of the wire (Tampering) (Centralized Alarm System)
  • Electric fence energizer produces a short, high DC voltage pulse (5-10kV)
  • Regular rate of one pulse per 1.2 second
  • Lasts only 300 millionths of a second
  • Stand alone Non-Lethal systems at low cost
  • Constructed Easily & Long Life
  • Universal Application & Low Maintenance
  • No damage to Stock and Not dependent on regular Electric Supply
  • Fully Automated
System Description
Base unit
PV Module Power Source
Power Fence Controller Produces a short high DC voltage pulse (5-10kv) Energizer at a regular interval of one pulse per 1.2 second and lasts only 300 millisecond
Battery Low maintanence tubular type lead acid battery
Corner Post Used at ends or bends, 2" GI pipe
Support post Standing post 1*CI pipe
Intermediate post Hot dip galvanized MS T-angle
Wire Heavy duty, high carbon, high tension GI wire
SS Insulator Poly propylene, high tension insulator
PP Insulator Poly propylene, supporting insulator
Wire Tightner High quality non-rusting Aluminum alloy
Earth Kit Stainless steel rod with special earthing mixture
Lightin diverter To protect fence from lighting
Power Sources
Power 12V DC 110-240 AC 50-60 HZ
Consumption 2.0w 3.5w 5.0w
Input Current 95 mA 180 mA 300 mA
Output Voltage <=11.0 KV <=12.0 KV <=13.0 KV
Stored Energy 1.4 J 2.7 J 4.8 J
Max Output Energy 1 J 2 J 3 J
Max Length 10 KM 20 KM 30 KM
  • Protection against all animals
  • Economic way of Protection of Farms
  • Security Cover for Industrial Area & Residential Area

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Products vs Purposes

OBJECTIVE Barbed Wire GI Chain Link PVC Coated Chain Link Plastic Convertina Coil Welded Mesh Expanded Metal Solar Fencing PreCast Readymade
Boundary Lining
Animal Intrusion


Products vs Places

Products / Places
Concertina Coil
Chain Link GI/PVC
Expanded Metal
Welded Meshe
Barbed Wire
Residential Playgrounds Parks Sport Complexes / Stadium Highways Railways Agricultural Fields Agricultural Farms Industrial Commercial Parks Forest Reserve Airports Oil & Gas Pipelines