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1. Why fencing is important?

Fences for one thing provide the homeowner with privacy. A fence in the front garden can help to accentuate that lovely garden and helps to keep the neighborhood dogs from littering your lawn and garden. A fence in the front yard will also bring up the property value of your home. A fence can also provide you with security. It will help to keep strangers off of your property. Fencing in farm and agricultural land will lead to better Stock management, Land and pasture management, Crop, stock and land protection.

2. What can be fenced?

Metro Stations, Airport Security, Military Security, Border Security, Restricted Zones like Nuclear Plants, Thermal plants, Embassies, Mines and Research Organizations

Common Fencing – Residential Townships, Amusement parks, Golf Courses, Household Fencing, gardens, playgrounds and can also be used for security purposes, fencing of factories, farms, houses, poultry farms & animal enclosures

3. What is the procedure to place an enquiry for our Fencing solutions?

1) Click on the ‘Enquiry’ button on the Right side of Fencing Webpage.

2) Enter your relevant details (Email and Phone Number are mandatory fields)

3) Select the Product category from the drop down list

4) Enter all your requirements and specifications for the area to be fenced and the materials required. The Following information would be more helpful for us to help better

  • Total Length of Fencing
  • No of Poles
  • Type of Pole used - Y shaped, T shaped etc
  • No of lines – Necessary only in Barbed Wire fencing
  • Height of Poles

5)Click on Send button

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4.What is the Warranty period and what can be claimed under warranty?

The warranty of the products depends on the products that you choose. There are certain high quality products which have an extremely high life period. Also you can opt for the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) to maintain the fence at an extremely nominal rate.

5. What are the Product options?

We have the following product options to suit all your fencing needs -

  • Concertina Coils
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Expanded Metal Fencing
  • Welded Mesh Fencing
  • Barbed Wire fencing

6.Which product options suits your need?

  • Concertina Coils – High Security Areas, Common Fencing – Household Fencing, Residential Fencing, Industrial Establishments, Metro Stations, Airport Security, Military Security, Border Security, Restricted Zones like Nuclear Plants, Thermal plants, Embassies, Mines and Research Organizations
  • Chain Link Fencing - Residences, gardens, playgrounds, security purposes, Road, Railway, Highway fencing, factories, farms, houses, poultry farms & animal enclosures
  • Expanded Metal Fencing - Construction industry, Civil construction, Warehousing and storage, Shade mesh screens, safety and security screens
  • Welded Mesh Fencing – Schools, Golf Courses, Residential Townships, Industrial Parks, Commercial Establishments
  • Barbed Wire Fencing – Securing Household Property, Livestock Fencing, Commercial, Industrial and Residential Townships.

7. How long the fencing last?

It depends on a number of factors. The most prominent are Climatic Conditions, Type of material used, and the day to day Interactions with Fencing including repairing and replenishment .Normally the Fencing will last for an average of 5-10 years

8. Where are the branches where Customer can have a look into the materials?

Head Office – Coimbatore

Branch Offices – Chennai, Trichy, Madurai, Calicut, Palakad, Ernakulum, Secunderabad, Vijayawada, Kadappa, Bangalore, Mysore, Margoa, Bhubaneswar, Raipur, Vishakhapatnam

Please refer to the link for complete branch details. We would be glad to help you.

9. What are the Quality Standards and its approval?

Evershine is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The products are marketed under ‘Shine Star’ brand. We have a track record of over 23 years in delighting our customers by delivering extremely high quality products at the most reasonable of prices on time. The key principle on which the organisation hinges itself is ‘Customer Centricity’ achieved through it organisational values of 'Quality, Transparency & Commitment'.

10. What are the payment terms & options available?

TERMS & CONDITIONS for Fencing Projects


Please get in touch with our Sales Support Team once the fencing requirements are finalized to know the details of the payment terms and conditions. We assure our customers a healthy deal as we believe serving customers to delight as our first priority.

Please get in touch with our Sales Support Team by drooping us a mail at

You can also contact us at - +919952748920/+917305177 (M) or +914222393429/+914222383445


RGTS and Cheque - We are looking forward to help our dear customers. Please feel free to contact us to get the complete fencing solutions done at nominal rates and with best quality materials and experts and help us improve our services better.

Products vs Purposes

OBJECTIVE Barbed Wire GI Chain Link PVC Coated Chain Link Plastic Convertina Coil Welded Mesh Expanded Metal Solar Fencing PreCast Readymade
Boundary Lining
Animal Intrusion


Products vs Places

Products / Places
Concertina Coil
Chain Link GI/PVC
Expanded Metal
Welded Meshe
Barbed Wire
Residential Playgrounds Parks Sport Complexes / Stadium Highways Railways Agricultural Fields Agricultural Farms Industrial Commercial Parks Forest Reserve Airports Oil & Gas Pipelines