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Concertina coils

Concertina coils has traditionally been used in high security areas such as borders, airports, army cantonments etc but of late it has gained great popularity and are now used in almost all manufacturing industries to prevent encroachment and subsequent thefts. Due to the structure of the coil, encroachment is very difficult and adds great safety to your property.

  • Lighter in weight (about 40%), hence can be easily transported or carried in field for installation
  • Consumes lesser length (about 33%) for the same area of fencing as compared to the conventional type barbed wire
  • Provide perfect and effective obstacles against possible intrusion by men or wild animals
  • Sturdy in construction, easier and economical in installation use
  • It has approximately 160 barbs per running meters which is three times that of conventional barbed wire
  • Security fencing is highly effective, and hence is very difficult to cross over
Manufactured from
  • High Tensile Galvanized Steel (HTGS) Wire
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Sheet
  • High Tensile (Strong) wire is used
  • Used in more than 165 countries across the world
  • Effective method of fencing which prevents passage of intruders and wild animals
  • Long lasting and can be modified, extended, shifted and re-erected from one place to another with minimal loss of materials and labor
  • Easy installation & Aesthetic Appearance
  • Excellent service life & Fine Quality
  • Corrosion Resistant
Completed Projects
  • Asian Paints, Chennai
  • BKG Mines, Bellary
  • Welspun Solar Systems - Musiri, Trichy
  • IOT Maba Gas Limited

Concertina coil fencing coimbatore

Thickness of the spring core G.I wire Thickness of the punched sheet Barb No of clips attached per coil No of circles per coil Standard gap between the circles
2.5 mm 0.5 mm 125 to 130 45 to 52 13 to 15 cm
1 1050MM/3.5’ 51 15.20 10-15 Mtrs
2 750MM/2.5’ 51 10.75 08-10 Mtrs
3 610MM/2’ 51 08.75 05-07 Mtrs
5 450MM/1.5’ 45 05.70 04-04 Mtrs
Common Applications:
  • Metro Stations, Airport Security, Military Security, Border Security, Restricted Zones like Nuclear Plants, Thermal plants, Embassies, Mines and Research Organizations
  • Common Fencing – Household Fencing

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OBJECTIVE Barbed Wire GI Chain Link PVC Coated Chain Link Plastic Convertina Coil Welded Mesh Expanded Metal Solar Fencing PreCast Readymade
Boundary Lining
Animal Intrusion


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concertina coil manufacturers coimbatore