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Success Story

Name of Client:  Mr. SHIVA, Lalli Hospital, Tirupur

Fencing Type:  PVC coated Chain Link Fencing
Hurdle:  Time Constraints
Success Achieved:  The work started at 2100 hours and was completed by 0230 hours. The client was very happy and satisfied with our efficiency as the work had been completed before the opening ceremony the same day. While serving our clients we try to achieve the best and this is where we talk about Customer Astonishment.

Name of Client:  IBNI Spa Resorts, Madekiri

Fencing Type:  Chain Link Fencing with Concertina Coil on top
Hurdle:  Heavy Rainfall Prone Area
Success Achieved:  Success Achieved: Despite a walk of approximately 2 kms to the construction area, heavy rainfall was unable to renege us from working. The enthusiasm while working under strenuous environmental/natural conditions helped us emerge as a PROMINENT Player.

Name of Client:  Sumangali Jewellers, CBE

Fencing Type:  Chain Link Fencing
Hurdle:  Inclusion of Pathway
Success Achieved:  Working under confines and constraints, springs for the first time were introduced to make a detachable barrier to enter the garden area being fenced. Innovative ideas and customer satisfaction have always been encouraged at EVERSHINE.

Name of Client:  Ventura Pumps (SHARP INDUSTRY), CBE

Fencing Type:  Chain Link Fencing
Hurdle:  Time Constraints
Success Achieved:  Success Achieved: EVERSHINE achieved high customer satisfaction on work completion within stipulated time. Hard work and devotion to work paid up. The only organised player in the market EVERSHINE brings to you 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.