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  • Vinod – Hyderabad

    Vinod joined Evershine in 2005 as sales executive in Hyderabad. He made good customer base since the inception of Hyderabad branch. Later on Vinod lead Vijayawada branch and achieved spectacular performance which is the history till now in Evershine. He wasthe branch manager at Mysore and attained a senior level profile in a very short period of time. Mysore branch had accomplished various milestones in his mentorship. Currently he is the Senior Manager at Hyderabad.



  • Jawahar - Goa

    Jawahar joined as Godown Incharge in Siliguri branch in 2006. Since then he has worked at various locations in India. After that he looked after sales and marketing and attained good knowledge of market. Jawahar also helped Evershine in venturing into Goa market. He is currently heading Goa branch and made history by zero credit on customers 2011 for which he was rewarded also.


  • Santhosh T M – Bangalore

    Santhosh has been a member of Evershine family since 8 years and in total has 11 years of domain experience. He is currently heading one of the branches with the most potential - Bangalore. His key skill is acquiring new customers and resolving any issues related to products/services in a satisfactory manner. Santosh has set set various benchmarks and created several records in Evershine through his astonishing performance.


  • M R Premanand – Ernakulam

    Premanand has been one of the most consistent managers of Evershine family for the past two decades. He is sincere, hardworking and possesses willingness to accept change. He is extremely goal orientated and goes to any length to accomplish goals. His flexibility, cooperation and effective management skills help him to maintain pleasant working environment in branch. He is very practical and always looks for new perspectives to tackle challenges at hand. He has achieved various extraordinary milestones during his tenure in Evershine.

  • Udayadasan C – Palakkad

    Udayadasan is currently the Senior Manager at Palakkad branch. He joined Evershine as accountant initially and then worked in various business domains like sales tax, EPF and ESI. Currently he is looking after branch operations and administrations. He has maintained a consistent performance in terms of sales in branch.


  • Durgaram – Cuttack

    Durgaram joined Evershine in 1995 and has been a member since 2 decades. He joined as Godown In charge and currently holds the rank of senior manager. He has managed geographically diverse branches of Evershine in southern and northern region. He has been a consistent performer in meeting organization's targets and being in top performers. He also leads the process of acquiring new customers.


  • Haridas - Chennai

    Haridas joined Evershine in 2004. He did his initial schooling from Kerala. He likes to play cricket and football. He handles one of the highest revenue generating branches of Evershine. He has brought down the system to zero outstanding several times. Under his escortship Chennai branch always ranks in top 3 branches.

  • Dhanalakshmi - Coimbatore

    Dhanlakshmi joined Evershine 8 years ago. She has a vast experience in finance and operations and has worked as head office accountant, internal financial auditor. She has also worked in inventory management and has been head office manager for 2 years. Currently she is heading Coimbatore branch and looks after branch operations and administrations. She has been consistent top performer in terms of sales and revenue.

  • Vijayaraghavan.V.K – Trichy

    Vijayaraghavan V K, a cricketer by passion joined Evershine in 2005. After his initial schooling in Kerala, he joined 'Saksharatha Mission' for 2 years. He is very enthusiastic about his job responsibilities and always looks for new avenues of growth and development. He maintains fantabulous terms with the customers and looks after financial issues very sincerely. He is responsible for various achievements accomplished by Trichy branch.